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Terms & Conditions: We will only schedule moves to apartment communities that you have registered, leased, and put “” as your only Apartment Locator. You must use a property listed in the database. You must not have learned of the property before registering with You must list on the Guest card, Application and Lease. You must sign at least a 6-month lease. You must stay current on your rent. You must not be transferring to a sister property. You must not be transferring within the same property. You must not break your lease. If the apartment complex does not pay the referral fee for any reason, you will be responsible for the cost of the move at the following rates: 1 Bedroom: $265, 2 Bedrooms: $315, 3 Bedrooms: $365, 4 Bedrooms: $445.00, 5 or more bedrooms: (on quotation). We will not begin a move until all boxes are taped and sealed. We will not accept responsibility for any items within a box or container unless the box or container was physically damaged by We will not accept responsibility for any furniture made with particleboard. We reserve the right to waive responsibility for any item feels cannot be moved safely. We will not move any articles of clothing that are not properly boxed. will not move loose articles of clothing. We may reschedule a move due to weather, truck break downs, or any unforeseen circumstances. A client who has met the criteria and is refused service will be compensated $135.00 instead of moving services. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
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