• Q. How can iApartments deliver a truly free move?

    A. As licensed apartment locators in Texas, we are paid a commission for new tenants we bring to quality apartment communities. We use part of that commission to provide you a 2 Hours free move or give you up to $400 cash back, depending on the lease amount.One of the best parts is that it DOES NOT reduce or affect any specials an apartment community might offer new tenants. You still get everything you would if you did everything on your own (except the FREE MOVE of course).
  • Q. How do I qualify for the free move?

    A. Click here to Register and let iApartments help you find your apartment. Then list iApartments as your apartment locator on your visit guest card, lease application and lease. You must list iApartments and only iApartments as your apartment locator or referral service when you first visit the apartments and again on the lease application.
  • Q. What happens after I register with iApartments?

    A. Registering with iApartments also allows you to search apartment communities online 24/7 and to schedule your move along with other member benefits.An iApartments Certified and Licensed Apartment Locator will be assigned and will assist you in locating an apartment.
  • Q. What if I forget to put iApartments as my referrer?

    A. If you do not put iApartments.Com as your referrer on your application and all lease forms, you unfortunately will NOT be eligible to receive an iApartments free move. The apartment community you select must have “iApartments” listed as the referrer on all their forms in order for you to get your free move.
  • Q. What are reasons for NOT qualifying?

    A. Not recording iApartments as your locator:

    1. Customer not registered with iApartments prior to visiting the apartment.

    2. One roommate did not list iApartments.com, even though the other did.

    3. iApartments was not listed on guest card and/or lease application.

    4. Customer did not register with iApartments before visiting apartment.(usually 3-5 days).

    B. Client not qualified for Free Move

    5. Customer did not sign a 7 month or longer lease.

    6. Customer or roommate previously lived at the same apartment community.

    7. Sister property transfer disqualification: If 2 properties are owned/managed by the same company, customer may not qualify to move from one to the other.

    8. iApartments and/or the apartment community have no locator relationship.

    9. Apartment community refused to complete and or send back our referral confirmation.

    10. Apartment community’s commission falls below iApartments’s minimum. In this case, cash vouchers may be given in lieu of a free move.

  • Q. If I choose a cash voucher, when is it paid?

    A. The cash voucher is like a check, normally $100 to $500 that will be paid to you in lieu of free move offer. Cash Vouchers are paid once iApartments receives payment for your referral from your new apartment. This process can take weeks to several months depending on the policy of your new apartment community.
  • Q. How long does it take iApartments to register me at properties?

    It takes less than 5 minutes to register a client with an apartment community.
  • Q. Are the apartment lease prices listed on iApartments.com?

    A. The pricing changes daily in some instances and the posted pricing is not guaranteed. The apartment community will have the most up to date pricing. When there are any price discrepancies between the apartment community and iApartments.com; the apartment community’s pricing is the official pricing.
  • Q. How come an apartment community did not return in my search?

    A. Please contact your IApartments Locator for assistance.
  • Q. How do I know where the FREE MOVE service area ends?

    A. Service areas and mileage fees can be found on our “What We Move For Free” page.
  • Q. What if the apartment community is not in iApartments.com's database?

    A. iApartments.com will not be able to move you to properties not listed on the website unless you used iApartments’s locating service.
  • Q. If I found an apartment on my own and visited it, can I still move for free?

    A. No, You must have learned about your new apartment from the iApartments website or locating service which prompted you to visit and lease at the community (rules and restrictions apply).
  • Q. Can I move for free if I drove by but did not visit an apartment community ?

    A. Yes, if you identify an apartment then register and used iApartments to learn more which prompted you to visit and lease at the community and you list iApartments as your locator when you visit the apartment community. (rules and restrictions apply).
  • Q. If I have used iApartments in the past can I still use your services?

    A. Yes, as long as you qualify, you can use iApartments.com services indefinitely.
  • Q. Can iApartments.com move me within the same property?

    A. No, this is considered an on-site transfer, unless the apartment community agrees to pay for your move/referral. If you already live in the apartment, then, iApartments.com could not have referred you.
  • Q. Does the free move affect the specials that an apartment community offers?

    A. No, iApartments.com’s services do not affect apartment community specials. This is a Fair Housing and Truth in Advertising issue. If an apartment community offers specials INSTEAD of using iApartments.com in order to receive their specials, please call our office right away (972) 507-3733 and ask to speak to the manager.
  • Q. How do I schedule my move once my lease application has been approved?

    A. Call your iApartments locator or visit http://www.iApartments.com, and click on “Arrange My Move” to submit your move request.
  • Q. Can I get moved from a storage unit (house, etc.)?

    A. Yes, if you qualify for the free move, iApartments.com can move you from any location including storage, house, apartment, etc (local move service areas and other restrictions apply).
  • Q. What is considered a 'one man' box?

    A. A “one man” box can be handled by one person and is less than 75 pounds. It can be picked up and carried up and down the stairs to and from the moving truck by one person. (iApartments.com reserves the right to refuse to move items that are deemed unsafe to move).
  • Q. Can I substitute items on the free move offer?

    A. Since iApartments has different free move offers to choose from, you can choose the one that’s right for you; substitutions are not necessary.
  • Q. What if I am moving from city to another city hours away?

    A. If you qualify for the service there are three scenarios.

    First, if you are moving from a city iApartments services to another city iApartments services then, iApartments contract movers will professionally load your belongings in your truck in one city and movers in the next city will unload your belongings (ex, Houston to Dallas). You are responsible for the transport of your belongings from one city to the other (e.g. Houston to Dallas). iApartments.com does not rent trucks.

    Second, if you are moving from a city iApartments does not service to a city iApartments.com services, iApartments.com will unload your belongings at your new apartment (e.g. El Paso to San Antonio).

    Third, if you qualify, but do not need the free move, iApartments can send you a $x00 cash voucher.

  • Q. How much notice does IApartments need on move requests?

    A. iApartments requests a 2-week notice on move requests. iApartments cannot guarantee any move requests (usually with less than 72 hours notice) and with prior approval.
  • Q. When will my move date and time be confirmed?

    A. With our online move scheduling process, move dates and times are scheduled based on availability at the time of scheduling a request. Moves are confirmed when we receive a verification of lease from the apartment community. A moving manager may contact you prior to us receiving a verification of referral; this does not automatically mean your move is approved.
  • Q When moving from different locations do roommate and I both get a free move?

    A. iApartments.com only allows 1 Free move or cash voucher per apartment unit leased. There is only one free pickup location. Additional charges that apply include the extra pickup location ($25) and mileage.

  • Q. Is there an extra charge for 3rd floor to 3rd floor moves?

    A. There is only a charge for 3rd floor and above moves on our competitive Offer. Floor charges are not included in the Original or Hourly Free Move offers.

  • Q. Does iApartments.com provide boxes?

    A. iApartments.com offers boxes for sale. Click here to order boxes (coming soon).

  • Q. How do I let the movers know about extra items not previously listed'?

    A. Include specific items not listed in the online inventory in the “Additional Items” section at the end of the inventory page. A moving manager will quote pricing and add these items to your inventory.

  • Q. Do the movers work every day?

    A. iApartments.com movers move Sunday through Saturday except for the following Holidays: Christmas, New Years, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, ETC. iApartments.com and affiliated moving companies reserve the right to take additional holidays/days off.

  • Q. If I have extra items what forms of payment do you accept and when do I pay?

    The Moving Company accepts cash and credit card. Payment is expected before the unloading of your belongings.


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